Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 2173: Settling Down in Ghost Child City Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 2173: Settling Down in Ghost Child City

Zhao Hai followed the inn’s waiter to a relatively secluded courtyard in Ghost Child City. He rented the courtyard for three years. He was clearly prepared for a long stay.

Naturally, Zhao Hai paid the three year rent in full. Moreover, he gave a lot of rewards to the waiter. Zhao Hai’s generosity caused the waiter to be in a daze.

From the beginning, the waiter thought that Zhao Hai was a rogue cultivator. However, rogue cultivators wouldn’t be as generous as Zhao Hai. This caused the waiter to be confused about Zhao Hai’s identity.

But people like the waiter wouldn’t inquire about private information about their guest. So after renting the courtyard out for Zhao Hai, the waiter left. For the waiter, Zhao Hai was merely a passerby in his life.

After renting a courtyard in Ghost Child City, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately contact other people. He secluded in his courtyard for a few days. Nobody came to disturb him.

This wasn’t strange. Although Ghost Child City was a small town, the flow of population in the city was actually big. Therefore, nobody would notice any new faces in the city.

Zhao Hai stayed in his courtyard for five days. Naturally, he didn’t stay idle in these five days. He arranged several formations around his courtyard. These formations were very simple, they were only used as early warning and defense. It can be said that the formations were normal goods. There were no hint of profoundness to them. Any cultivator can set these formations.

Zhao Hai used these formations because these were formations that rogue cultivators often use. So those who suspect Zhao Hai’s status wouldn’t see anything from his courtyard.

In addition to settling his courtyard, Zhao Hai also gained a little understanding of Ghost Child City. Naturally, he didn’t dare go to the Ghost Child Gang. There were plenty of powerful cultivators in the gang. Even if he used silver dust to spy, he couldn’t guarantee that the other party wouldn’t discover him.

But besides Ghost Child Gang, the other places in the city weren’t dangerous. Although the city has a lot of cultivators, most of them were rogue cultivators. In this case, it was impossible for liquid silver to be discovered. So now, except the Ghost Child Gang, Zhao Hai has seen every corner of the city.

Five days later, Zhao Hai walked out of his courtyard. He finally understood the city. The city had a special situation. The Ghost Child Gang didn’t have a lot of members, but there were a lot of rogue cultivators who wanted to join. So the city had a lot of rogue cultivators who needed jobs. And because the Ghost Child Gang has few members, they couldn’t do anything. In the end, the Ghost Child Gang came up with a method. They would arrange missions and hand them over to the rogue cultivators to do.

Zhao Hai preferred this way. With this method, he can move alone and reduce any chance of being suspected. Actually, almost all rogue cultivators in the Ghost Child City move alone. There were very few who acted in groups. Ghost Cultivators were more selfish than ordinary cultivators. They have no affection at all towards their fellow humans. If they team up with others, they would risk being backstabbed once the mission succeeds.

Zhao Hai traveled slowly on the street. After a while, Zhao Hai arrived at the mission post of the Ghost Child Gang. A lot of rogue cultivators were going in and out of the building. Zhao Hai felt that the scene looked like the Soaring Dragon Realm. The Ghost Child Gang didn’t issue missions at random. As long as you succeed in a mission, the next mission you take would be harder. And if you can complete 1000 missions, you will be immediately invited to join the Ghost Child Gang.

After looking at the building, Zhao Hai walked in. Although regulars saw that Zhao Hai was a new face, they didn’t say anything. There would be newcomers to Ghost Child City every day. The hustle and bustle of the city was almost like a metropolis. Because of this, nobody paid any attention to Zhao Hai.

When he entered the building, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect the mission hall to look organized. There was a mission board, a mission acceptance counter, and other related services. Despite the number of rogue cultivators taking missions, the flow in the building was very good.

Zhao Hai looked at the mission board and saw missions that were very simple. There were some which looked a bit difficult. There were also notes on the missions showing how many people have taken the mission and how difficult the mission is.

After looking around for a while, Zhao Hai went to the mission counter and said, “I want to take mission number 158.”

The person behind the counter was an old male cultivator. But Ghost Cultivators don’t care who was behind the counter. All of them focused on the mission they were taking. Once they received the mission, they would leave immediately. They were afraid of being overtaken by others.

The Ghost Cultivator looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “Do you have a mission token?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t. It’s my first time here.”

The Ghost Cultivator nodded, then he took out a jade token and handed it over, “Here, this will be your mission token. It will also serve as your identity token. This token means that you are taking missions on behalf of the Ghost Child Gang. But remember, don’t take advantage of this token.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he discovered that this mission token was very simple. The front had the ‘ghost child’ character while the back had the mission he was taking. It was simple and practical.

Zhao Hai stored the mission token and then left immediately. Before long Zhao Hai was outside Ghost Child City. He was heading to the place where the mission would take place.

Zhao Hai’s mission was very simple. It was to go to a mountain not far from Ghost Child City to find an herb. There was no danger in the mountain and the herb wasn’t difficult to find. Every year, the gang would send people outside to pick various herbs. But because the gang had a few members, this collection task was relegated to the rogue cultivators.

Just as Zhao Hai arrived on the mountain, he immediately felt hostility flush towards him. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This hostility didn’t come from demon beasts, but from a Ghost Cultivator.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he stopped. He waited for the other party to arrive. After a while, a Ghost Cultivator in black robes appeared in front of Zhao Hai. The Ghost Cultivator looked to be in his forties, and his face has been warped by his ghost cultivator method. However, his strength was merely at the Soul Fusion Stage. Such a person has already spent their potential. No sect would accept him.

The ghost cultivator stopped 50 steps away from Zhao Hai. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, if you know your limits, hand everything you have. Then I’ll spare your life.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I heard those words many times. But nobody ever succeeded. If you want to kill me, you are free to try.”

When the Ghost Cultivator heard this, he couldn’t help but sneer, “Are you looking down on me because I only have this strength at my age? Kid, I’m going to let you know how unlucky you are that you have met me.” As soon as he said this, the ghost cultivator withdrew his saber. The saber had a very wide curve, which gave it a strange look.

Zhao Hai looked at the ghost cultivator’s saber and stared, then he sneered, “Heavenly Demon Claw, break!” After speaking, Zhao Hai clawed at his enemy.

The Heavenly Demon Claw was a commonly used technique of the Heavenly Demon Clan. Ghost Cultivators also practice this technique. Because of this, it was normal for Zhao Hai to use this technique.

The Ghost Cultivator didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s Heavenly Dragon Claw to be formidable. He slashed again and again, but he still fell behind. Zhao Hai completely suppressed him.

After the two fought dozens of times, Zhao Hai grabbed the Ghost Cultivator with his claw and ripped them apart. He put the Ghost Cultivator’s body away and then continued towards the mountain. After a while, Zhao Hai found the herbs required for the mission. Zhao Hai didn’t leave the mountain immediately. He walked around the mountain a few times and received a few plants that he didn’t have in the Space. Once he was satisfied with his haul, Zhao Hai went down the mountain.

After leaving the mountain, Zhao Hai returned to Ghost Child City. The mission that Zhao Hai took wasn’t a hard mission, so it could be completed in a day. So after he handed the mission over, the person on the counter didn’t find it strange. After receiving the reward, Zhao Hai left.

The mission reward wasn’t anything special. It was a pill that was less valuable than the herb. However, the herbs were useless to rogue cultivators. They would prefer to have pills.

Pill refiners were very rare. First, cultivators don’t have enough time. Second, not many people could get resources to practice pill refining. So if a rogue cultivator wanted pills, they could only buy them. Pills were very expensive, so rogue cultivators liked to do simple tasks. There was no danger in the mission and the reward was a pill.

Zhao Hai stored the pill. He didn’t have any use for such a pill. If he wants a pill, he can refine better pills by himself.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 2173: Settling Down in Ghost Child City Free Read Online (2024)
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